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WWE 2K23 Player Creates Incredibly Detailed CM Punk CAW

WWE 2K23 is now available and players are already creating impressive Create-A-Wrestler custom characters, like this impressively detailed CM Punk. The Create-A-Wrestler feature in WWE 2K games has always led to impressive creations, but WWE 2K23‘s is a step beyond past iterations in the franchise. That in just a few days of access, WWE 2K23 players are able to create CM Punk in vivid detail, tattoos and all, is more than impressive.

Nearly 250 WWE wrestlers are featured in WWE 2K23, when combining wrestlers offered in the base game, via special promotions, and through DLC. But those 250 wrestlers are all contracted with the WWE promotion. There are many hugely popular wrestlers from AEW, Impact, the indie circuit, and Japan that are understandably not available to play as. WWE 2K23‘s Create-A-Wrestler mode is making up for that, allowing fans to make near-perfect custom characters that look like their favorites.


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CM Punk is the latest pro wrestler to be made with WWE 2K23‘s Create-A-Wrestler system. Reddit user MisterFiendX shared his creation on the WWEGames subreddit, encouraging WWE 2K23 players to download his creation. It’s the modern version of CM Punk, meaning the wrestler’s older self as seen in AEW throughout 2021 and 2022. The work put into the creation is incredible, capturing all of CM Punk’s many tattoos, his custom gear, and even his taped fists with “X”s denoting he is straight edge.

The gear that CM Punk is wearing for the custom skins is especially interesting, and reflects well on the skin creator’s knowledge of the wrestler. Both the red and black trunks are outfits that CM Punk wore both back when he was a much younger wrestler and when he returned to wrestling at AEW. They’re outfits that fans would especially be found of. That the creator opted out of putting CM Punk in his “longboy” gear is also worth noting, as CM Punk fans will also appreciate that.

CM Punk is unfortunately no tcurrently wrestling. He’s not only recovering from an injury suffered during a match at AEW’s 2022 All Out PPV, but his future wrestling career is also in question. He was involved in a real brawl with AEW EVPs Matt and Nick Jackson following his All Out match and may be done with the promotion as a result. Time will tell what AEW owner Tony Khan ultimately decides to do.

While this is the best opportunity for WWE 2K23 players to play as CM Punk, there should be another opportunity in the near future. CM Punk is reportedly still included in the upcoming AEW Fight Forever video game. While CM Punk won’t be on the game’s cover anymore, he will be a playable fighter, and fans can expect news on AEW Fight Forever‘s release before long.

WWE 2K23 is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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