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Winter sports thrill ride ends in heartache

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Do it long enough, you learn to take the good with the bad with this job in the same frame of mind.

Every event has a winner and loser, and often times those defeats leave scars for even the most leather-skinned among us.

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That all but described this winter sports season, one I’d consider a great one by most standards. But it was equally bittersweet.

Sam Blackburn
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It seemed every big basketball game during the regular season was decided in the final minute, which is like oxygen for the writers and photographers who live off this sort of excitement. The better the game, the better the content — we all win.

To say this season provided us with plenty of storylines wouldn’t do it justice. There were enough fights to the finish in basketball alone to fill a cart full of notebooks, as a few trips through the MVL-Big School Division can attest.

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