‘That’s something that the Tour needs to handle.’


A day after being heckled by fans at the Memorial Tournament, his ears peppered by spectators calling him “Brooksie” and leading a handful of the jeerers to be ejected from the premises, Bryson DeChambeau said he had an awesome day.

And he wasn’t bothered by the video posted by Brooks Koepka on Friday evening, in which the four-time major winner threw shade on his rival and thanked his supporters for showing their support for him at the Memorial, even though he isn’t playing this week.

The back and forth between the two has earned headlines the past 10 days. When asked if he thought Koepka’s video escalated the dispute, with some people calling it bullying and others thinking Koepka was inciting continued taunting, DeChambeau, who hasn’t seen the video but was told about it by his agent, said it wasn’t his issue to handle.

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