Opinion | Bring Back the Tourists

Tourists arrive at Barcelona airport in Spain on June 7. Photo: Emilio Morenatti/Associated Press The European Union agreed this week to begin removing restrictions on American tourists after banning them for more than a year. There’s no reason the U.S. … Read more

Why Airlines Let Sick Passengers on Flights

The child in the window seat was sneezing and coughing. Passengers nearby grew increasingly nervous that perhaps the kid had Covid-19 and was spreading the virus. The mother claimed allergies; flight attendants said there was nothing they could do. Sick … Read more

In Jamaica, a ’90s Hotel with Timeless Appeal

For the Time Capsule series, we spotlight a cherished restaurant, hotel or landmark that’s changed remarkably little over the years. This week, we visit Jakes in Jamaica. THEN In the early 1990s, Sally Henzell opened Jakes, a restaurant in the … Read more

6 Incredible Bike Trips You Can Easily Do Yourself

THE PHRASE “abandoned railroad corridors” probably conjures up dismal images of derelict tracks strangled with weeds. In reality, many disused railway routes across the U.S. have been resurrected as scenic bike trails thanks to the nonprofit Rails-to-Trails Conservancy and many … Read more

Opinion | Bezos to Lift Off

This undated handout photo obtained May 19, 2021, courtesy of Blue Origin, shows a close-up of the New Shepard rocket as it launches in West Texas. Photo: handout/Agence France-Presse/Getty Images What’s the fun of being the world’s richest person if … Read more

A Road Trip to ‘Nomadland’

THE SCENIC ROUTE from Portland, Ore., to Lake Mead in southern Nevada cuts a jagged line over 1,000 miles southeast through the Great Basin Desert. The largest endorheic watershed (the type that doesn’t drain into the sea) in North America, … Read more