Don’t Sweat Your Pandemic Résumé Gap

Looking to get back to work after a pandemic break? That gap on your résumé might not be the obstacle you think it is. The stigma around career pauses, already beginning to ebb in recent years, has eased further amid … Read more

Why Airlines Let Sick Passengers on Flights

The child in the window seat was sneezing and coughing. Passengers nearby grew increasingly nervous that perhaps the kid had Covid-19 and was spreading the virus. The mother claimed allergies; flight attendants said there was nothing they could do. Sick … Read more

How ‘Pencilmation’ Became a YouTube Sensation

When Ross Bollinger posted a video of an animated stick figure online in 2004, YouTube didn’t exist and the 16-year-old artist didn’t envision a web show. Today, Mr. Bollinger’s stick figure—who is named Pencilmate and has Curious George’s mischievous energy—is … Read more