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Saturday, September 18, 2021
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jalen rose

‘The Wire’ actor Wood Harris talks to Jalen Rose about Tupac, ‘Creed’

If you’re a living breathing, human, you are a fan of “The Wire.” That means you are a fan of my next “Renaissance...

Jalen Rose talks school choice and teacher unions with Dr. Steve Perry

Since we’re in back-to-school mode, and I’m fresh off welcoming students back to Jalen Rose Leadership Academy after a year of virtual teaching,...

Tami Roman tells Jalen Rose how she brought reality to ‘Real World’

On last week’s “Renaissance Man,” we had Ice Cube tell us how John Singleton launched him from a rapper with no acting experience...

Wrestler Titus O’Neil tells Jalen Rose about his shocking origins

This man could have a million excuses for not turning into a functioning member of society. He indulged not one of them. He...

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