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Monday, September 20, 2021
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digital privacy

One US state stands out in restricting corporate use of biometrics: Illinois

ST. LOUIS, Sept 16 – When night fell, a clerk at a bustling 24-hour MotoMart flipped a switch from behind the counter. Electromagnetic locks...

European privacy regulator probes TikTok over children’s data, China ties

A key European privacy regulator has opened two probes into TikTok’s handling of user data, adding to the popular Chinese app’s regulatory woes...

Facebook reads and shares WhatsApp private messages: report

Facebook’s encrypted messaging service WhatsApp isn’t as private as it claims, according to a new report. The popular chat app, which touts its privacy...

Apple delays controversial ‘child safety’ feature after privacy outcry

Apple is delaying a controversial plan to scan users’ photos for child pornography after widespread outcry from privacy and civil liberties advocates. The tool,...

WhatsApp fined a record $266 million by Ireland over privacy breaches

Facebook’s WhatsApp was fined a record 225 million euro ($266 million) by the Irish data protection regulator on Thursday after the EU privacy watchdog pressured...

Sleazy ‘reporting’ that outed a Catholic priest reveals our data is far from private

In exchange for our increasingly digital lives, Americans have turned over reams of data on our location, activity, preferences and even conversations. Tech...

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