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Saturday, September 25, 2021
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curtis sliwa

USA is missing patriotism 20 years after 9/11

Where can patriotism be? We relived 9/11. That whole day and night my street heard sirens. Ambulances. Police cars. Fire trucks. Emergency vehicles. My...

NYC is failing its homeless residents

The tables and chairs on the Times Square piazza were all filled, except for a grouping of about a half-dozen. It was before...

How New York Magazine takes the temperature of the city

All under NYC’s big tent New York Magazine is NYC’s thermometer. Begun 1968 in a little room with 18 people. Now there’s 207. Editor David...

Eric Adams is making excellent use of long wait before he can finally become NYC mayor

Eric Adams is almost certain to win the November mayoral election, but he won’t take office until January — which leaves him facing...

‘It’s fight night’: Disturbing video captures teen mob beat up off-duty firefighter

This is the moment an off-duty New York City firefighter walking his dog in a Queens park is attacked by a vicious mob...

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