Opinion | Let Jack Phillips Bake Cake

Main Street: Ten years ago secular crusaders began their attempt to silence Jack Phillips for refusing to bake a cake for a same sex marriage. Today their intolerance continues over a cake celebrating gender transition. Image: Alliance Defending Freedom For … Read more

Opinion | ‘Free’ Money Can Make Life Worse

The left continues its push to do away with accountability in safety-net programs. Democrats in Congress recently made an enormous change to public social programs while no one was paying attention and without bipartisan support. Next month the Internal Revenue … Read more

Opinion | Honoring Jimmy Lai

Jimmy Lai pauses during an interview in Hong Kong, July 1, 2020. Photo: Vincent Yu/Associated Press The Committee to Project Journalists was founded 40 years ago to fight for journalists who are “attacked, imprisoned or killed.” In this spirit, the … Read more

Opinion | Saving New York City

There is much ruin in a city, to adapt Adam Smith, and Bill de Blasio has spent eight years trying to prove it. The progressive’s tenure as mayor has been a catastrophe for New York City in nearly every way, … Read more