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Sponsored: Tulane SoPA offers two new business degrees | Sponsored: Tulane SOPA

The Tulane School of Professional Advancement (Tulane SoPA) has two new bachelor’s degrees that offer an opportunity for people wishing to expand their knowledge of the business world.

The Bachelor of Arts degree in Human Resources and the Bachelor of Science degree in Organizational Behavior and Management Studies were developed in part to accommodate Tulane SoPA’s working-adult students who sought a business based bachelor’s degree that could be completed 100 percent online.

The degree in organizational behavior and management studies is designed to provide foundational knowledge about various aspects of business operations and illustrate they work together, said Robyn Ice, program director and senior professor of practice for the General Legal and Applied Business Studies programs at Tulane SoPA.

“Through the classes, students will gain practical knowledge about how individual behaviors impact businesses operations, which will help them to manage the relationships and transactions of their organizations more successfully.” Ice explained. “As background to support this knowledge, our classes address the psychological, human resources, economic, financial, legal, and ethical concepts that support growth and development. “

Ice said most students who pursue the degree are likely already working professionals who are looking to grow their careers.

“I think we will see a lot of people who want to know more about how business entities operate so they can succeed and excel within that framework,” she explained.

Meanwhile, the degree in human resources will cover topics including data management, fair hiring practices, employee engagement and retention, and more. Ice said the program is ideal for people who are either already working in HR or are seeking to make a career transition into the field.

“Effective human resource management, – including hiring, training, assessment, and retention – help businesses to thrive and succeed,” she said. “Some students are already working in this area but want to move up to the next level. Others have experience in other fields but see the value in HR and want to enter that space. Either way, this degree will give them the proper training. We cover the aspects of careers that our students are interested in and that give them the tools to advance in their work lives.”

Ice noted that the combination of curriculum topics and the online-based structure of the programs provides a unique educational opportunity that students can immediately apply in the workforce.

“I think we have led the way in providing students with the kind of knowledge they need in a world that is operating increasingly in a remote or hybrid format,” she said. “One of our focus points has always been to increase our students’ knowledge and comfort level when it comes to technology. In today’s world, students need to be able to work well on Zoom or other platforms, communicate with others through technology and rely on those systems to carry out their tasks. We’re cognizant of that and it’s something we incorporate into all of our programs.”

Along with making sure students are technology-savvy, Ice said Tulane SoPA also ensures that they understand the importance of the human elements of business. Those topics are covered in both new bachelor’s degree programs and emphasized by professors who make themselves available at any time to answer questions from students.

“Both of these degrees focus on training students to understand the way people work within organizations and how to handle their careers in a legal and ethical manner,” she said. “We look at it as training people who can be involved in various aspects of the business world in a positive way.”

Students can begin either degree program in the spring, summer or fall semester. For more information, visit sopa.tulane.edu/business.

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