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Religious groups should be able to mandate religious leaders, duh

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College officials have been put on notice: targeting religious student groups isn’t just unconstitutional, it’s costly. Tha federal court of appeals agreed with my firm, the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty, that University of Iowa officials “turned a blind eye to decades of First Amendment jurisprudence” by punishing Christian, Muslim, and Sikh groups for the crime of asking their leaders to agree with their faith. That blatant violation meant the officials weren’t shielded by “qualified immunity,” a rule that protects government officials from personal liability when making close judgment calls about constitutional rights. The ruling was a warning shot to the wallets of university administrators across the country and for the same reason a big win for students of all faith groups nationwide.  

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship was one of the religious student groups that was kicked out by University of Iowa administrators. InterVarsity had been an award-winning member of the university community for over 25 years. During that time, the group led important community service projects, held interfaith campus dialogues, and invited all students to join its regular Bible studies and worship.  

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