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Thursday, March 23, 2023

Opinion: Ask yourself if your elected representatives are really representing you

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Re “One of Silicon Valley’s top banks fails; assets are seized” (March 11): If people hadn’t voted for Donald Trump and his cronies in 2016, and those sycophants who are still trying to mess up our country now, this issue, and others, would have been transparent and addressed long before now.

But thanks to Trump and company, regulations like what some banks needed to do were rolled back. Ergo, we have this failed bank.

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And there are other issues too that Trump and company literally messed with, i.e. cutting funding to the IRS, which is only just now getting back to being able to process my 2021 and 2022 tax returns. Thank you, President Biden and Democrats.

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Folks, don’t just vote because it’s “your party” and has been forever — take a hard, and I mean hard, look at what your representatives in Congress are doing. Complain and question what they do.

Is it right (not just for yourself), but for all of us.

Barbara Mitchell

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