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Netflix ‘Beef’ Review: Why the Show Is a Must-See

*Warning: Minor spoilers ahead*

It’s one thing to get angry at a driver who cuts you off in traffic. But can you imagine allowing your road rage to spark an intense rivalry that stretches on for days?

It may sound predictable, but this is exactly what happens in Netflix‘s upcoming dark comedy, Beef, (set to premiere on April 6). Produced by A24, the series stars Steven Yeun and Ali Wong as Danny and Amy, strangers who refuse to forget about their road rage incident. In fact, they develop a bitter feud and go to great lengths to seek revenge. But as the rivalry continues, it starts to affect their personal lives and the people they love.

The show is reminiscent of Unhinged, but it has more depth and humor. It brilliantly tackles heavier themes like revenge, mental health and loneliness. And as expected, Beef features top-tier performances from the stars.

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