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Middle school science fair returns to Buena Vista Horace Mann

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Does the five second rule actually work? What kind of paper airplane flies best? Does your heart rate change when you’re watching a horror movie? Does Diet Coke explode crazier than Coke?

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Our city’s future thought leaders put these questions and more to the test Thursday, March 16, at Buena Vista Horace Mann’s science fair, where around 100 sixth-, seventh- and eighth-graders proudly presented tri-fold poster boards bearing their experiments.

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(To answer your questions: No, the five second rule is “gross” — an apple slice on the ground will be covered in bacteria by the time you pick it up; the best airplane shape is “the dart,” with a narrow body and vertical wings; yes, when you are afraid your heart rate goes up; regular Coke explodes much more than Diet Coke when shaken up and it may get all over your clothes.)

This year’s science fair, organized by middle school science teachers Perla Riva and Todd Albert, was the first fair since pre-pandemic times. The auditorium was buzzing with excited kids running around to each others’ experiments and families strolling the rows. 

Leonardo, a sixth-grader, weighed two different types of wood, oak and redwood, and set them on fire to see which burned faster. “I was interested in what they would use in case there’s a fire in the building,” he explained. Was burning things fun? “Yup,” he said, giggling. “It was fun.” 

Do boys prefer blue and girls prefer pink? “My conclusion is that gender does not affect color preference,” said Juliana, a chatty seventh-grade artist who covered her poster in pink hearts. She made the discovery after surveying classmates’ favorite colors.

This subject, said Juliana, is discussed a lot online. “There’s a lot of TikTok videos about this.” Her favorite color? Pink. 

Juliana’s mother, Hamileydi Andrade, said in Spanish that it was Juliana’s first year at the school. She’s proud of her daughter and is happy with how much the teachers have supported her.

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