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Life is a gift from God | Religion

My heart is heavy as I write this article, for I believe life is a gift from God and every life has value. The earthquake in Turkey and Syria last month has resulted in more than 40,000 lives lost. The number is still growing and the number of those who have been severely injured is vast. I cannot imagine the grief and pain families are experiencing as the result of this tragedy. There are several relief efforts from around the world seeking to provide help, yet the grief and pain from the lives lost will never be erased. I know that in the coming days and months, this tragedy will be something of the past to many people, but to the people who experienced it, the memory will last a lifetime.

As I continue to pray, I constantly think about how God’s people can respond. However, I quickly realized how many lives have been lost in our country, not through earthquakes, but through storms and other catastrophes. The thought that has repeatedly come to my mind is, how many lives have been lost through the ungodly killings that take place on our streets every day? Have we become oblivious to the killings and shootings that have become everyday realities?

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