I’m entering the next phase of my life – and you are too


Our lives are made up of phases. We’re children, we’re adolescents, we’re adults. We go to school and then graduate. We change jobs. Some of us get married or have children. We move. 

When major changes happen in our lives, it’s easy to feel a definitive before and after, a demarcation that separated one phase of our lives from the next. The pandemic was like that. A graduation, a move, a baby are other big changes that draw a line in the proverbial sands of time. 

Right now I feel my life changing. We’re not near “post-pandemic” times globally yet, but I’ve started referring to this time as “post-vaccination” for myself and others experiencing newfound freedom after getting our shots. My calendar is filling up, in the short term and the long term. My work is changing, as movies reach theaters, publicists host in-person events and our readers yearn for new content. Internally I’m changing too. I can feel myself craving a new kind of therapy, after a year focused on talk and emotional work, I’m ready for something more solutions-based, like cognitive behavioral therapy. 

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