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GTA Online Players Debate If Reusing GTA 5 Plane Stunt Is Lazy Or An Easter Egg

GTA Online is the gift that keeps on giving – to those who play it. To the outside world, GTA Online is a lawless land with dangerous folk armed to the teeth, just itching to get into a fight. For frequent players, the game constantly pushes out new content, and there’s always something to shoot, steal, or vandalize. However, it seems things may have gotten a bit slow on the GTA Online content line, as Rockstar prepares for the inevitable reveal of GTA 6.

It’s not that the developer came out and announced that GTA Online content would be rolled out slower, but fans have felt that the quality of recent content is an indicator of it. The most recent example is an airplane sequence in the Last Dose update (thanks, Dexerto). It involves crashing a small plane into the cargo bay of a larger one, and then shooting your way to the cockpit. Sound familiar? That’s because there was a very similar set piece involving Trevor in one of the story missions of GTA 5.


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As fun as that sequence was, it had players questioning whether Rockstar was recycling ideas for lack of options, or if it was an Easter Egg to the original mission. One player Tweeted video clips of both the sequences side by side and asked, “Did Rockstar get lazy or was this an intentional Easter Egg?”

They were immediately reminded by another that GTA: San Andreas did something similar too, involving CJ chasing a plane that’s about to take off. “If you go even further back to San Andreas those two missions are an ode to that game. This cargo plane is only accessible and seen in one mission just like in GTA 5.”

“Seems like the animations are entirely different, just the same sequence when on paper,” added another player. “Wouldn’t say this is lazy, just a fun reference to the story mode.”

Perhaps Rockstar has a thing for making you chase down planes in high-stake scenarios. Hopefully, we’ll get to witness an even more over the top set piece when GTA 6 finally comes out.

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