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Elden Ring Invader Killed By Strange Cultic Players

One Elden Ring invader entered the world of another player only to find themselves at the mercy of a cult. Strange encounters in Elden Ring are commonplace, and some will even say it’s what makes many of the moments in Elden Ring shine, when something unexpected occurs, whether it’s intentional or not. Players can be surprised by the enemy that’s just around the next corner, or are shocked to find out Malenia has a second phase to her already tough boss fight. However, many of the more unintentional surprises can be found in the game’s PVP, as this unlucky invader did.


Playing up a character for PvP purposes isn’t a new thing in Elden Ring, in fact, it’s been something players did ever since Demon’s Souls. Players enjoy pretending to be the character they create, either from fiction or one they made up themselves. One prominent example would be the player that recreated Maneater Mildred to terrorize other players and Dark Souls veterans in PvP. This adds another layer of fun to the already wide variety of things Elden Ring has, giving many players an interesting experience, whether it’s good for them or not.

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In this case, an Elden Ring invader got unlucky in invading this particular group of players. Posting to r/Eldenring, user Lucaine uploaded a video where they are invading as normal when they come across a peculiar scene. In front of them, three players dressed in cloaks stand before them. One of them approaches, and the two others follow suit, surrounding the invader, who cowers among them in a joking manner. The cultic players then begin to cast magics on the invader that knocks them down but doesn’t damage them, until one of them decides to use a more damaging spell that eventually kills them, like some ritualistic murder.

The spell the players were using is called Rejection, which only knocks the invader down, but then they switched to Wrath of Gold, which is just like rejection except with holy damage. This caused the invader to get pinned down until their death, overwhelmed by the magic just like the one player who was stuck behind a statue by Glintstone Sorcerers. In the comments, many users found the exchange amusing, with some remarking that the invader was killed because they showed weakness via cowering.

No one truly knows what to expect when getting into Elden Ring‘s PvP. It could be a normal fight where two players square off against one another, or it could be a clever ambush in Elden Ring‘s Lake of Rot. That’s what makes Elden Ring special is the number of players willing to commit to a bit, even it if means killing an invader in a strange, ritualistic murder.

Elden Ring is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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