Elaine Devry Biography

Elaine Devry is an American performer. She is best known for playing the role of Coraline’s cheerleader, Honey Boy. She was born Thelma Elaine Mahnken on January 10, 1930 in Los Angeles, California.

Personal Life

Elaine Devry went to high school with her two younger sisters, Audrey and Frances. When they were young, they would spend their spare time going to the movies.

They would watch movies such as Lawrence Of Arabia, Rob Lowe, and Bonnie and Clyde. and loved films of classic stories such as Snow White, Cinderella, and It. They became big fans of Disney movies as well.

While Elaine was studying acting in Europe, she met her future husband, Bill Devlin, while she was completing her acting course at the University of San Diego.

They were married on March 9, 1931. They have since divorced four times. Devry has always claimed that her most important talent is being a great cook.

Devry Career

As an adult, Elaine attended the Academy of Art University, in Los Angeles. Her first professional acting job was in a film production called Something’s Gotta Give.

It was directed by Frank Capra. Two other Hollywood firsts happened while Elaine was in England. She was married to Richard Burton, the famous director, for only one time, when she was 17 years old.

As an adult, Elaine was a petite blond who was known for her beauty. She was known for wearing large earrings and had long legs.

As a model, she appeared in ads for Ford, J.C Penny’s, and Levi’s. Bill and elaine devry divorced in nineteen eighties, soon after they were married.

The question “who is Elaine Devry” will be answered by people of all ages, all walks of life, all locations, all races, all ethnicities. As an actor, she appeared in everything from musicals, to soap operas, to television shows, and even short screenplays.

As for her being an artist, her most famous works are a set of watercolor paintings entitled Night and Day, which was featured in the book Fax to Fibonacci.

She also has several smaller art pieces. Other notable artists who have worked with Devry include Larry Aldrich and Frank Kern. It should be said, however, that Devry is best known as an artist.

Elaine Devry Film List

1953A Slight Case of LarcenyGirl in Car
1954The Atomic KidAudrey Nelson
1958China DollAlice Nichols
1961The Last Time I Saw ArchieCarole
1961Man-TrapLiz Addams
1963Diary of a MadmanJeanne D’Arville
1967A Guide for the Married ManJocelyn Montgomery
1969With Six You Get EggrollCleo
1970Once You Kiss a StrangerSharon
1970The Cheyenne Social ClubPauline
1971Bless the Beasts and ChildrenCotton’s Mother
1973The Boy Who Cried WerewolfSandy Bridgestone
1974Herbie Rides AgainSecretary
1999Heart to Heart.comAimee

Early Life interesting Fact

One of the things we notice about Elaine Devry, is that she seems to be able to carry off certain styles and at other times she switches to other fashions easily.

When she changed her hair color to light brown, it did not take her long to get used to the new color. This was one of the many reasons we liked her, because she seemed to have a good sense of style.

When we interviewed Elaine Devry we asked her about her choice of clothing, and her answer was that she likes to wear separates, rather than dress up.

Devry was married to Dan Ducich, her high school friend located in Butte Montana In September 1948. In the next one year later, Ducich was found guilty of numerous robberies within Los Angeles and sentenced to five years’ probation.

The couple resided in Butte and separated in the year 1952. Also, she had a six-year relationship with the actor Mickey Rooney, who she had met in 1952 and was married on November 15, 1952 on the 15th of November, 1952 in Las Vegas.

The couple had two children as well as one daughter before divorce in the year 1958. She was engaged with actor Will J White until his death on April 23, 1992, in Grants Pass, Oregon. In 2005 Devry is living on the ranch in Oregon.

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