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Disney Dreamlight Valley Has Secret Kingdom Hearts Reference

Disney Dreamlight Valley fans have noticed a small detail that seems to be a reference to Kingdom Hearts hidden in plain sight. As fans make their way through the game, they slowly build a perfect place for all of their favorite Disney and Pixar characters to hang out. By completing characters’ friendship quests, they’ll unlock special outfits, accessories, and even other quests to unlock new characters like Minnie Mouse.

Once players complete the Memory Magnification quest with a high enough friendship level with Mickey, they’ll be able to add Minnie Mouse’s house to their town. It’s this building in particular that holds a secret Kingdom Hearts reference in Disney Dreamlight Valley.


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According to Reddit user Such_Caterpillar_396, they were playing Dreamlight Valley after clearing Minnie’s Friendship Quest when they noticed a particular shadow from Minnie’s house. The shape reminded them of the Kingdom Hearts logo, so they turned back around to see if they were seeing things, only to see the exact shape on the ground. According to Such_Caterpillar’s post, they asked another friend of theirs they were seeing the same thing, and the friend agreed with them. However, Such_Caterpillar didn’t include a photo of what exactly they were referring to.

Luckily, another member of the Disney Dreamlight Valley Reddit decided to go look at what Such_Caterpillar_396 was referring to, and included an image. At the top of Minnie’s house is a metal structure in the shape of a heart. While it may not seem like the Kingdom Hearts logo at first, the shape does cast a shadow onto the ground where the edges of the heart’s curves seem to shrink. With the smaller edges, the familiar Kingdom Hearts icon can easily be seen on the ground, as seen in u/cfs_kenshin’s comparison picture.

With the fact that the extended curves of the heart are smaller when made into a shadow, the reference feels rather deliberate. It’s a fun, secret nod to yet another one of Disney’s beloved franchises which is only heightened by how it only appears in the shadows, which rings true of Kingdom Hearts’ themes. It does beg the question as to how this had done undiscovered for so long as Disney Dreamlight Valley has been in early access since September 2022.

However, there’s been some argument against the idea of the metal heart being a Kingdom Hearts reference from other players. Some think that the KH logo appearing is only a coincidence as Minnie’s old house in the Disney parks looks very similar to the one in Dreamlight Valley, down to the metal hearts on her roof. Regardless of whether the Kingdom Hearts reference is a coincidence or intentional, it’s certain to make a few Disney fans smile.

Disney Dreamlight Valley is available now in Early Access on Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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