The Arizona Coyotes and Arizona State University will reportedly share the space at center ice for both of their logos when the NHL team plays at the multipurpose college arena next season.

According to a report from 12 News’ Cameron Cox – and first reported by Craig Morgan of PHNX Sports – Arizona State and the Coyotes will both have their logos represented at center ice. The clarification comes a day after a report from The Athletic stated that the Coyotes would not be able to use their logo at center ice, alongside having a “good behavior clause” that would allow the college to back out of the deal.

Starting in the 2022-23 season, the Coyotes will play their home games at Arizona State after their deal with the city of Glendale fell through. Here’s Arizona State’s statement on the joint center ice logo.

“We will have both the Coyotes and ASU logos on center ice. The Coyotes are prohibited from including any of their other normal in-ice branding. They are also prevented from digitally covering up our logo on their broadcasts.”

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