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Wednesday, October 20, 2021

COVID vaccine mandates for private sector workers could end pandemic

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Dr. Ezekiel J. Emanuel, Matthew Guido and Amaya Diana

The United States has made COVID-19 vaccines accessible and free. Go to almost any local pharmacy or pop-up site, and you can easily get the shot – and pay nothing. And yet, only about 50% of Americans are fully vaccinated against this deadly virus. The unfortunate consequence is that the highly transmissible delta variant is causing surges in cases, hospitalizations and even deaths throughout the country, particularly in spots with low vaccination rates. 

The government and experts have tried education and persuasion. The surgeon general is leading an all-out effort to combat misinformation. President Joe Biden has resorted to pleading. What more can we do to get the U.S. fully vaccinated and put COVID-19 behind us for good?   

The private sector needs to step up and mandate COVID-19 vaccines for their workers. Vaccine mandates are legal, ethical and, most importantly, effective. 

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