Opinion | Are Covid Vaccines Riskier Than Advertised?

One remarkable aspect of the Covid-19 pandemic has been how often unpopular scientific ideas, from the lab-leak theory to the efficacy of masks, were initially dismissed, even ridiculed, only to resurface later in mainstream thinking. Differences of opinion have sometimes … Read more

Opinion | China Has Stopped Biding Its Time

American attitudes toward China have changed dramatically over the past decade. There is much less confidence that the democratic world can bring China into a rules-based international order—or that the growth of the Chinese middle class will create internal pressure … Read more

It’s time to end homelessness

On any given night in the United States, upward of a half-million people are homeless. And that doesn’t include the millions of others who are living hand-to-mouth in hotels, or doubled up with family members or acquaintances, in often highly … Read more

Loan fraud hurt LI businesses

Long Island’s small businesses were desperate for help as the pandemic took hold. For many, such help was hard to come by. In some cases, loans and grants were denied, or applications weren’t processed properly or came through after funds … Read more

Opinion | She Was Raped: The Enduring Trauma

To the Editor: Re “I Am Breaking My Silence About the Baseball Player Who Raped Me,” by Kat O’Brien (Opinion guest essay, nytimes.com, June 20): Ms. O’Brien’s essay broke my heart. Why should she have to suffer for 18 years … Read more