Opinion | Sanders Plan: Tax Republicans

Vermont’s socialist U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders last week at the Capitol in Washington. Photo: Tom Williams/Zuma Press When he served as Speaker of the House in the 1990s, then- Rep. Newt Gingrich (R., Ga.) could always count on getting a … Read more

Young: Our new, divisive culture-war brawl

A push, led by conservative activists, to ban critical race theory and other “divisive concepts” from education is at the center of the latest culture-war brawl in America — a controversy that is driving fights in some Long Island school … Read more

Opinion | Did the Coronavirus Come From a Lab?

How viable is the lab leak theory, really? There are certainly some serious scientists who think it’s a possible, even probable explanation. One is David Relman, a Stanford microbiologist, who has been calling for a more thorough investigation of the … Read more

Opinion | El Salvador’s Big Bitcoin Mistake

A customer buys a Coca-Cola from a shop that accepts Bitcoin in El Zonte, El Salvador, June 14. Photo: Cristina Baussan/Bloomberg News El Salvador’s President Nayib Bukele announced by video at a June 5 cryptocurrency revival meeting in Miami that … Read more

Opinion | Dr. Fauci and the Mask Disaster

Nobody needs to be shocked that political messaging was going on during the Covid crisis, as seen in the Anthony Fauci emails from early in the pandemic recently released under the Freedom of Information Act. Politicians and officials wouldn’t be … Read more

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Daily Point The other NYC primary If the 2021 NYC mayoral election didn’t include enough throwbacks to and dark warnings about the era of high city crime, here’s another: Bernard Goetz donated $250 to Republican candidate Curtis Sliwa on March … Read more