A highly debatable list of the right weed for each L.A. neighborhood


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One of the true joys of living in Los Angeles is discovering — one by one, slowly, over time — its myriad neighborhoods. Each has its own distinct personality, its own vibe and — to risk sounding too Topanga Canyon New Age — its own energy. Some are happy accidents of geography (we’re looking at you, Malibu), others of industrial affiliation (Hollywood), but most were formed by the push/pull of Angelenos of a feather flocking together.

Korean immigrants gave rise to Koreatown, for example. Members of the LGBTQ community helped define West Hollywood, and Silver Lake emerged as a place for hipsters to hang their stingy-brim fedoras hats and tip their Pabst Blue Ribbon tall boys. Over time, restaurants and shops catering to clustered clientele end up defining and reflecting the personalities of these neighborhoods even further.

With 4/20 on the horizon — and legal, recreational-use retail sales of cannabis in the state now more than three years in the rearview mirror — we found ourselves wondering (apparently out loud and within earshot of an editor) if there were pot preferences that similarly reflect the vibe of each L.A.-area neighborhood. Do the denizens of downtown have a penchant for industrial-sounding Sour Diesel? Are Malibuites mad for Blue Dream? Is Hollywood all about getting high on celebrity-endorsed buds? And, if that’s not exactly the case, might there be potential pot pairings that capture a neighborhood’s essence so well that you could almost travel the Southland without leaving the couch?

House of Saka’s Pink luxury-level beverage that uses pinot noir grapes but contains THC instead of alcohol feels like it would belong right at home in the 90210. (There’s also a sparkling White version.)

(House of Saka)

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