Britt Reid, ex-Chiefs assistant, pleads not guilty in crash


Former Kansas City Chiefs linebackers coach Britt Reid pleaded not guilty Monday to a charge of driving while intoxicated that caused serious injury.

A Jackson County, Missouri, judge also ruled that Reid is allowed to drive as he awaits trial, on the condition he must use an ignition interlock that tests his blood-alcohol concentration before allowing him to drive. That condition will hold until Reid’s trial, the next step of which is a July 22 pretrial conference.

Reid’s DWI charge stems from a Feb. 4 crash that caused severe brain injury to a 5-year-old girl. The crash occurred near the Chiefs’ facility three days before Reid, the son of Chiefs head coach Andy Reid, was scheduled to coach in the Super Bowl.

Reid was driving 83.9 mph in a 69-mph zone 1.9 seconds prior to the crash, police investigators said. Police charging documents said Reid’s eyes were bloodshot and red, the odor of intoxicants still on him when an officer arrived at the site. Reid’s serum blood alcohol concentration was at .113 roughly two hours after the crash.

Five-year-old Ariel Young, found in the rear of the car under a seat that had folded over, was transported by ambulance to Children’s Mercy Hospital. Her injuries included severe traumatic brain injury, a skull fracture, brain contusions and subdural hematomas, charging documents said. Young also fell into a coma; 11 days passed before her family announced she was awake.

Reid was charged April 12 with committing the class D felony of driving while intoxicated, causing serious physical injury. Young’s family said the charge wasn’t adequate.

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